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Composer, Conducter, Accordionist Timo-Juhani Kyllönen


TIMO-JUHANI KYLLÖNEN, Composer,Conductor,Accordionist

(b.December 1,1955) studied accordion and conducting (1976-82) at the Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow under Friedrich Lips(accordion),Boris Jegorov and Sergei Trubachov (conducting).After receiving his Master of Arts degree with diplomas in accordion,orchestral conducting and pedagogics,the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire granted him a scholarship to continue his composition studies there (1982-86)

At the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire Mr.Kyllönen studied composition, orchestration and counterpoint with composers Aleksej Nikolajev, Juri Fortunatov, and Alexander Chugajev, taking his final examination in composition in spring 1986. In April of that year the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire put on a concert of his works performed by the leading Moscow musicians and choirs. This was in fact the first concert arranged entirely for a foreign student by the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire. In summer 1986, the Helsinki Festival put on a concert of his works in it’s concert series.

Mr. Kyllönen has composed almost 100 compositions: six operas ,The Book of the Kings op.30, Roope op.76, Tango solo op.81, Norppa (The Seal Opera) op.86, Érase que era una niña op.85, The Spirit of Forest op.94, Forgotten Heroes op.98 two symphonies, Lichtenthal (symphonic poem for orchestra op.43), Passio Secularis for soloists, men´s choir,soprano and orchestra op.23 Amor Vivus erotic cycle for bariton and orchestra op.77, Concerto grosso for orchestra op.65, Accordion Concerto op.60, Trumpet Concerto op.84, Marimba Concerto op.96, Roses for soprano and female choir and orchestra op.57, Forgotten Heroes op.98, chamber music, vocal, choral and film music. Mr. Kyllönen´s music has already become established in repertoires of musicians and choirs both in Finland and abroad. Compositions by him has been recorded in Finland by Finlandia-records and Ondine-records, Alba-records and abroad in Japan, Canada, Australia, and Venezuela. In 2008 Alba-records  released a new  CD with his Orchestral Compositions and Fuga-records a third CD, Sacral Music with his Church Music Compositions.

Mr.Kyllönen has had concerts of his music in Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburgh) in Finland, in France (Paris)on Ireland (Dublin) in Israel (Tel Aviv) in Peru (Lima),Germany, in Brasil(Sao Paolo,Santos),   U.S.A (New York, Albuquerque) and in Sweden(Västerås,Skinnskatteberg).

His music has been performed and recorded in many other countries in Europe, Asia,Australia. From 1986 to 2003 Mr. Kyllönen has teached music theory, composition and chamber music at the Sibelius-Academy. He has also taught music theory at the University of Helsinki, department of Musicology. Among other grants, Mr. Kyllönen has been awarded twice a three-year artist´s grant by the Finnish government, covering the periods of 1991-93 and 1996-98, 2013 and also twice one year grant from the Finnish Culture Foundation (2002 and 2004). Wihuri Foundation 2014. Swedish Culture Foundation 2010.

He is an active accordionist,conductor and choir conductor.

Timo-Juhani Kyllönen: Forgotten Heroes oratorio-opera op.98 (2019). First performance at The Turku Cathedral 6.2.2020 Dux-Orchestra, cond. Ilari Lehtinen, Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis Choir and as Archibishop Juusten, baritone Erik Rousi.