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Composer, Conducter, Accordionist Timo-Juhani Kyllönen

Works for Solo Instrument

Impression of Piehinki Op. 1
Composed: 1979
Duration: ca. 4′
Fbp: Finnish TV 1, Roberto Urbay, May 22, 1982

Publisher: Music Finland 

Concert Variations on a Finnish Folktune

“Come, come my dear” (Tule, tule, kultani) Op. 2
Composed: 1980
Duration: ca. 6′
Fbp: Timo-Juhani Kyllönen,

Finnish Broadcasting Company/YLE 1, 1982
Publisher: Finnish Accordion Institute


Sonatina Op. 11
Composed: 1986
Duration: ca. 5′
Commissioned by the Finnish Accordion Association

as obligatory repertoire for participants

in the National Accordion Competition for young players
Fp: National Accordion Competition, Tampere,

February 14, 1987
Modus Musiikki


Contemplation in Blue Op. 25
Composed: 1990
Duration: ca. 4′
Commissioned by the Centre Culturel Suédois à Paris

(Swedish Culture Centre in Paris)
Fp: Alain Seve, Paris, April 10, 1990
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman

Contemplation in Blue Op. 25b
Composed: 1990/2002
alto flute in G
Duration: ca. 4′

Fp. Ilari Lehtinen, A-L Hakuli, piano

Publisher: Fennica Gehrman

Artemis Op. 54
Composed: 1999
Duration: 1’10”
Dedicated to Guido Arbonelli
Fp: Guido Arbonelli, Rome, July 5, 1999

Publisher: Music Finland 

Quasi una Bossanova Op. 68
Composed: 2003
Duration: ca 5′
Dedicated to Antonio Eduardo [Santos]
Fp: Antonio Eduardo Santos, piano,

Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 4, 2004

Publisher: Music Finland 

Meditación a Carmen Luz Op. 61 b
Composed: 2003

Uusinta Publishing Company

Two Kalevala-Nocturnes Op. 69 a-b
Composed: 2004
1. Nocturnal breeze
2. Nocturnal tale
Duration: ca 11′
Dedicated to Ritva Koistinen
Fp: Jenni Vartiainen, Helsinki,  
January 16, 2005

Publisher: Music Finland


Three Alleluias Op. 45 d–f
Composed: 1990/2007
version for organ
Alleluia ,Vidimus Stellam Op. 45 d  Alleluia II Op.45 e
Alleluia III Op. 45 f
Duration: ca. 10’42“
Fp : Marianne Gustavsson-Burgman 

Turku Cathedral, June 5, 2009

Publisher: Fennica Gehrman